Spiritual Formation + Community

The Weekly Review

Volume II

Issue 6: 3 April 2015
The Hoops Weekly Part Four; The Four-Minute Final Four Guide; Another Jay-Z Lyric; Duke vs Michigan State; Kentucky vs Wisconsin; Our National Champ Pick

Issue 5: 26 March 2015
The Hoops Weekly Part Three; What Went Right in Rounds 1-2; An Intermission for Lecrae, World Series Memories, Brooklyn 99, and New Books; Sweet Sixteen Picks; Elite Eight Picks

Issue 4: 16 March 2015
The Hoops Weekly Part Two; The Five Rules of the Bracket; Why Some Teams Succeed in March, and Others Fail; How to Beat Kentucky; Region-by-Region Analysis; Final Four Picks and a Surprising Champ Pick

Issue 3: 12 March 2015
Introduction to the March Hoops Weekly; The Top Ten Sporting Events; Current Hoops Rankings; Conference Tournament Previews; The Wooden Award

Issue 2: 20 Feb. 2015
The Return of the Long Lost Fidelity Sports Weekender; NBA All-Star Weekend Review, Playoff Picture, and Tanking Olympics; 2015 Oscar Picks; NFL Offseason Review; March Madness Preview

Issue 1: 9 Jan. 2015
NFL Playoff Previews; the Surprising Joe Flacco; Questions about the Aging Peyton Manning; NBA Mid-Season Review; Questions about the Aging LeBron James; College Football Championship Preview

Volume I

Issue 9: Annual Review Part Two
Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All Time; LeBron’s Homecoming; Pop, Timmy and the Spurs; Scandals in the NFL and NBA; 2014 Sportsman of the Year; World Series 2014 Review

Issue 8: Annual Review Part One
General Pop Culture Highlights of 2014, Including Lecrae, Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, and Fidelity Sports; World Cup and Olympics; Derek Jeter’s Legacy; Golf’s New Face; College Hoops Review; College Football Review

Issue 7: 5 Dec. 2014
SEC Championship Preview; 12 Dopest Christmas Gifts for Men; CFB Conference Championships; Quick Takes on Tiger Woods, College Hoops, NBA Expansion Options, NFL Games, Fantasy Football

Issue 6: 10 Nov. 2014
NFL Weekend Recap; Chiefs vs Seahawks Preview; New Pictures for that Fidelity Life; 2014/15 NBA Preview and Predictions; Kanye West Lyric of the Week; Which NFL Teams Get Relocated and/or Renamed in 2015?; 2014 Book of the Year Nominees

Issue 5: 3 Nov. 2014
The Greatest Sports Writer of All Time; Why I Can’t Write About the Royals Yet; NFL Mid-season Review; SRS Playoff Projections; 2015 NFL Mock Draft; Best Movie of the Fall; Mid-season Super Bowl Prediction

Issue 4: 27 Oct. 2014
The Dominance of the AFC; Three Notes on the Spiritual Discipline of Simplicity; The Gospel According to JJ Watt; October 2014 Book of the Month; The College Football Playoff We Need

Issue 3: 6 Oct. 2014
30 Years of Royals Memories;  NFL Power Rankings; Hip-Hop Jam of the Week; College Football Playoff Prediction

Issue 2: 29 Sept. 2014
Teddy Bridgewater’s Debut; A Chiefs-Patriots Prediction; MLB Season Awards and Regular-Season Power Rankings; Some Fun with kansas Football

Issue 1: 22 Sept. 2014
An Introduction to The Monday Review; Early NFL Season Reflections; College Football Power Rankings By Tier; Fidelity’s 2014 Album of the Year; A Late Appeal for the KC Royals’ Playoff Hopes


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