Spiritual Formation + Community

Group Studies

The following Bible studies were developed for use in community groups at Sojourn Community Church and are based on sermon series. You are welcome to use these resources in your church as long as you are not editing the material or charging for their use (beyond printing costs). If you are interested in editing or adapting one of these studies, please contact Sojourn at (502) 635-7053.

Creating Space: A Guide for Healthy Group Multiplication (4 weeks)

Acts: Breaking Barriers (5 weeks)

Meals with Jesus (4 weeks in Luke)

Judges (5 weeks)

Colossians (16 weeks)

Proverbs: Wisdom and Work (5 weeks)

Exodus (20 weeks)

The Lord’s Prayer (4 weeks)

Questioning Jesus (4 weeks)

Feelings: Emotion and Devotion (7 weeks on the Psalms)

Money Talks (10 weeks on stewardship)

Risen (3 weeks on the Resurrection)

Ephesians (18 weeks) 

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