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The purposes of a man’s heart are like deep waters,
  but a man of understanding draws them out.
—Proverbs 20:5

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an intentional relationship established to develop an individual’s competence and balance in every area of life and work. Executive coaching is one of the fastest-growing developmental tools in organizational leadership, and many churches have embraced ministry coaching to holistically train and care for its pastors and staff.

Fidelity Coaching

I have been coaching and mentoring Christian leaders informally for more than eight years, and in 2014, became certified as a leadership coach and launched Fidelity Coaching. Since then, I have been working coaching through a blend of spiritual direction and professional coaching. I have co-led coaching cohorts for Sojourn Network, provided 1-1 coaching and Enneagram profiles for leaders of more than 50 organizations. I completed professional coaching training through Creative Results Management and Enneagram certification with CrossPoint Ministry.

Why Receive Coaching?

One-on-one coaching has been demonstrated in both the church and the marketplace to dramatically increase an individual’s motivation, effectiveness, interpersonal skills and job satisfaction. Businesses, non-profits and churches tend to experience higher performance, more staff stability and less relational crisis when their leaders are receiving quality coaching inside or outside the organization.

How is Coaching Different?

Leadership coaching shares many skills and competencies with counseling, consulting and mentoring, but is a distinct discipline from each. While counseling is primarily focused on past events, behavior patterns and recovery from emotional and psychological damage, coaching is primarily focused on current and future realities, allowing a leader to make progress but typically not addressing significant root issues related to sin and suffering. Consulting is the practice of bringing in an outside expert to provide solutions and resources, while coaching is a peer-level relationship developed through active listening, powerful questioning and non-directive self-discovery. Lastly, mentoring, or discipleship in the church, is typically focused on an individual’s spiritual development through a life-on-life relationship with a more advanced mentor, whereas coaching is more holistic in its scope, promoting growth in spiritual and moral growth, life/work balance, leadership development, conflict resolution, and many other realms of life and work.

Coaching provides Christian leaders—whether in vocational ministry or marketplace leadership—with holistic personal development in all areas of life and work, as the attentive coach draws out the client’s often-subconscious motivations and goals.


“Jeremy is the real deal: a thoroughly committed follower of Jesus Christ, a man who lives out his manliness in the context of a family and a community of faith, a husband who genuinely loves his best friend and seeks to shepherd her as a fellow Christian, a father who dotes constantly on his kids while still trying to figure out the parenting thing, a pastor who has been engaged in almost every aspect of ministry, a sports fan desperately rooting for the wrong teams, and a friend to many people, including me.”
Gregg Allison, PhD, Professor of Christian Theology, Southern Seminary; author, Historical Theology

“Jeremy is a solid leader and has a proven track record of coaching leaders toward fruitfulness and success. Having personally worked with him over a period of years, I highly recommend him as a coach. He will help you move forward into where you are called to go.”
Brian Howard, Regional Director, Acts 29 Network

“Jeremy Linneman is an exceptionally gifted leader who by skill set, life experience and personal temperament is magnificently qualified to coach and care for the souls of leaders. Your investment with Jeremy will result in deeply abiding formation of your soul with long term personal and professional benefits.”
Richard Plass, PhD, Executive Director, CrossPoint Ministry; author, The Relational Soul

“Jeremy Linneman is a godly man who is deeply loved, highly respected and often sought out for his wise counsel. His approach to coaching is engaging, witty, and winsome. Above all, he is driven by a freedom and power that can come only from the gospel.”
Benjamin Mast, PhD, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Louisville; author, Second Forgetting

How to Receive Coaching

To find out more about coaching or to request a quote for four or 12 sessions, please fill out this form, and Jeremy will respond within five days.


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