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Why Do We Feel So Lonely at Church?: Replacing Loneliness with a Biblical Vision of Belonging 
Crossway/TGC booklet, releasing October 3, 2023

A local church should be a place of true community and connection—where people belong to God and one another. But in our individualistic culture, many Christians end up struggling with social isolation and loneliness. Lacking a sense of authentic belonging within the church, some eventually stop attending or question their faith altogether. How can believers overcome these negative cultural effects and restore the biblical vision of belonging in their churches today?

In this concise booklet, author and pastor Jeremy Linneman encourages readers to pursue a life of fellowship through 5 practices: taking initiative in hospitality, being patient in building friendships, maintaining relational stability, persisting through conflict, and prayingtogether. By understanding the human need for belonging and reflecting on Jesus’s lifestyle of mission, ministry, and care, readers will be better equipped to build fruitful communities that bear witness to Christ’s glory and purposes alone.

  • Offers a Biblical Vision of Belonging: Shows how true belonging is only found in a local Christian community
  • Useful for Church Leaders: Encourages church leaders to build needed spiritual communities that bear witness to Christ’s glory alone
  • Short, Accessible Format: A concise biblical exploration of belonging and community
  • Part of the TGC Hard Questions Series: Equips readers with answers to difficult questions facing the modern church


Life-Giving Groups: How to Grow Healthy, Multiplying Community Groups
Harbor Network, 2017

After many years of leading small groups and coaching hundreds of small group leaders, pastor and writer Jeremy Linneman has come to a bold conviction: Community groups are the best place for us — as relational beings — to become mature followers of Christ.

This short book seeks to answer two questions: How can our community groups cultivate mature disciples of Christ? And how can our groups grow and multiply to sustain a healthy church?

Whether you are new to community groups or tired from years of challenging ministry, Life-Giving Groups is a fresh, practical invitation to life together in Christ.


“Deconstructing Radical Individualism and Rediscovering Spiritual Community”
chapter in Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church
The Gospel Coalition, 2021


“Humility: A Leader’s Journey”
chapter in Bill Wellons, What Really Matters: Seven Values of an Inside-Out Leader
Fellowship Associates, 2018


Don’t Give Up: Small Group Guide and Leader’s Guide
by Kyle Idleman and Jeremy Linneman
City on a Hill, 2018


Grace Is Greater: Small Group Kit
by Kyle Idleman and Jeremy Linneman
City on a Hill, 2017

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