Spiritual Formation + Community


The Gospel Coalition

The Search for True Belonging
Cultivating Humility with Andrew Murray
Why Prayer Often Feels Impossible
Life Rooted in a Place
How Personal Renewal Fuels Mission
To Be or To Do? Contemplation versus Action
How Your Church Can Respond to the Loneliness Epidemic*
*Won “TGC Editor’s Choice Award for 2018”
Skip Resolutions—Make a Rule of Life 
Burnout is Coming. Here’s How to Prevent It
The Paradox of Chronic Pain
If God Can Show Up in Bethlehem
Your Small Group Can Make Disciples
Pursuing Simple, Biblical Community
Wholehearted in a Busy World
Meditating on Scripture in Small Groups

Additional Articles

Rooted: Pastoral Reflections on Place (full version)
The Hidden Meaning of Patrick Mahomes
We Are All Participants (Christ & Pop Culture Magazine)
Kobe Bryant and the Fragility of Life (ERLC Faith & Culture)
Rhythms of Life-Giving Groups (Gospel Centered Discipleship)
Living with Grief
Growing through Grief
The Weight of Story
The Leader’s Renewal
Manage Your Soul, Not Your Time
How (and Why) to Keep a Time Log
Three Functions of an Executive Pastor
Three Movements of Spirit Empowered Mission

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