Spiritual Formation + Community


The Gospel Coalition

The Search for True Belonging
Why Prayer Often Feels Impossible
Life Rooted in a Place
How Personal Renewal Fuels Mission
To Be or To Do? Contemplation versus Action
How Your Church Can Respond to the Loneliness Epidemic*
*Won “TGC Editor’s Choice Award for 2018”
Skip Resolutions—Make a Rule of Life 
Burnout is Coming. Here’s How to Prevent It
The Paradox of Chronic Pain
Your Small Group Can Make Disciples
Pursuing Simple, Biblical Community
Wholehearted in a Busy World
Meditating on Scripture in Small Groups

Sojourn Network

Charismatic, Reformed, and Liturgical
We Are All Pentecostals
Should Groups Gather Over the Winter?
Holy Weekend: Experiencing Resurrection, Part One
and Part Two
Becoming a Diverse Church
Discipleship Rhythms
Are Small Groups Optional?

Additional Articles

Rooted: Pastoral Reflections on Place (full version)
The Hidden Meaning of Patrick Mahomes
We Are All Participants (Christ & Pop Culture Magazine)
Kobe Bryant and the Fragility of Life (ERLC Faith & Culture)
Rhythms of Life-Giving Groups (Gospel Centered Discipleship)
Living with Grief
Growing through Grief
The Weight of Story
The Leader’s Renewal
Manage Your Soul, Not Your Time
How (and Why) to Keep a Time Log
Three Functions of an Executive Pastor
Three Movements of Spirit Empowered Mission

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