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Embrace Your Reality

Hipster riding a bike down Westport Road in the rain with bags of groceries tied to your handlebars: I support bike-commuting but you should probably not also be talking on the phone while you swerve through traffic on wet pavement without a helmet. You’re not a human Volvo; you can embrace your reality.

Middle aged weekend golfer on the gold championship tee box at the local public course, swinging a $400 driver with such violence that you’re grunting like a female tennis pro, only to dribble a 45-yard ball between the red and white boxes: Slow it down; you’re not Tiger Woods; you can embrace your reality.

Loud talker on his phone at the neighborhood coffee shop in the early morning, wearing a suit and dropping more acronyms than a political budget hearing: You are not that impressive; you can embrace your reality.

Parent of young children, complaining of how you’re not getting much sleep, who hasn’t seen a movie not starring Elmo in 42 months, and who would trade in one of your kid’s college savings accounts for a warm cup of coffee: It’s okay, you don’t need to go clubbing once a month to prove you’re still young or over-compensate with selfies on instagram; you can embrace your reality.

Pastor with a blog you’ll never actually keep updated: You’re busy and not that good of a writer; it’s ok, God’s not disappointed with your lack of output on the national celebrity conference circuit, and your wife and kids could really use your attention right now. You can embrace your reality.  😉

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